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Reputable Breeder of English Springer Spaniel Dogs as Family Pets.

At Bluebell Springer Spaniels, we raise exceptional animals in a loving and caring environment. Dedicated to following a responsible breeding program, our focus is on keeping our animals healthy and happy for when they find their new homes. It's important Pups are given the best start following a Science based Socialisation plan.

Kelly Cruse with Bluebell Springer Spaniels

About Us

A Quality Dog Breeder

Bluebell Springer Spaniels is a well-known Dog Breeder in Redruth Cornwall, UK. We have been involved with breeding Pet and Companion Springers since 2018, which has now turned into a fulfilling and life-changing hobby. Our Springers are first and foremost Pets and our main priority is ensuring the health, social and well-being of all our Pups from birth until they leave with their forever family - and beyond.

Puppy News

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I only accept applications for current litters and do not keep a waiting list. You subscribe to us either through this website or through one of our social media pages or just keep and eye on application form.

Where will be keeping all sites posted on an new litters due,


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Our Liver and White Stud Dog

At Bluebell Springer Spaniels, we truly believe our breeding and rearing methods are second-to-none. Our stud Boy Simba was carefully selected for his type, temperament and Pedigree. He is fully health tested negative for PRA Cord 1, Fuco, PFKD and AMS.. Simba is loves his toys especially his ball. He is well bred, smart and easy to do. He loves running through the sand dunes and with the pack. I retire my Stud Dogs early to avoid inbreeding and to give them a life of luxury as a pampered Pet. I only use my own Boys as I know their history, bloodlines, health, temperament, inbreeding percentage and I get them health tested.



Liver & White Springer Dog

We love all our Dogs at Bluebell Springer Spaniels, but Simba is one of the most exceptional quality bred with fantastic pedigree. He is very bidable, Handsome, well put together and has been fully health cleared for Fucos, PRA Cord 1, PFKD and AMS. He loves his Toys, especially his ball. Hes a daft, intelligent, bouncy, friendly boy. After Bailey retired, Simba took over and is now current Sire of our Bluebell Pups.

Our Girls

Meet the Gorgeous Girls

Meet our beautiful Girls chosen for Type, Temperament and Pedigree. They are all health tested, well loved, and come completely vaccinated. Learn more about their age, pedigree, character, health profile and more below.


Jodie is our first breeding girl. She is very loving, loyal. Fantastic Mum and our foundation girl. Martina and Minnie are her daughters to our first Boy Barney. Jodies pedigree goes back 10 generations to the relatives of my first Pet Springer Bluebell Jessica as a child. Jess was so dear to me, when she passed of old age we couldn't get a Springer for a while. Now we honor her name and delighted her lines are carried through on Jodies pedigree. Jodie was born on the same day we moved into our lovely home in Cornwall and we feel she was very much meant to be.Jodie has now retired. She was our first and special girl.

Jodie Bluebell Springer Spaniel
Martina, Bluebell Springer Spaniel


There’s no doubt Martina is going to be a fantastic mother like Jodie her Mum. Martina is very loving, caring, loyal and can be very calm and collected. She will gently stand up and give me a gently bear hug. She has a quirky trait of smiling at people showing her teeth, which looks goofy. Martina is very smart and willing to please. She was Jodies first born Pup.


IIndy is grand daughter to Jodie and Daughter to Martina and Bailey. She will have a daughter to Simba and carry on the Bluebell Lines. Indy is our Smallest girl and full of character. She's always willing to please and very delightful. Loves cuddles and Toys.

Indy Bluebell Springer Spaniel
Tammy - Bluebell Springer Spaniel


Tammy is very calm, sweet natured, biddable and very athletic. She excels in natural agility and is willing to try anything. Tam is so good, even as a pup she blends in well with everyone. She's particularly bonded with my Son Oliver. Tammy is the most chilled laid back of all and lowest ranking in the pack.


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