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Bluebell Woods Springer Spaniels

Ethical Breeder

Bluebell Springers are very much part of our family. I prefer my Dogs to be individuals with their own personalities and work with them in a positive reinforcement training manner.  Pups are reared in the home with access to outdoors and luxury cabins for the best start and training. Our 5 Star licence means we meet high welfare standards, are legally above board and you know you are getting a Dog reared with love and care.It is essential Pups up to the age of 14 weeks are given the best start. Pups go through 2 sensitive periods during this time, which shapes the future behaviour of the Dog and very key to a happy well adjusted Pup.​

Puppy Information

My Puppies are only for people who: ​Its important to me the right Pup finds the right home. Im a big believer in vibes and will hold on to Pups until the right home comes along. It must feel "right" for you and all involved. Taking on a Pup is taking on a family member.  


Value the upbringing and effort put in to raising good Pups, Value the Pedigree, Value the research to source the best looking Dogs with good patterns to produce the best looking Pups, Value Good Breeding, Value Good Socialisation.  

Value the fact they are raised under an Animal welfare licence ( required now for all breeders by law and welfare). Value health tested parents - knowing Pups will not get the diseases tested.   


Value the fact they are Vet checked and vaccinated for peace of mind. Value that they are fed a good diet, value that they are routinely treated for worms / fleas, Value they are raised in a loving family home.  


Value that they are socialised over and above and introduced to training, Value these Pups are known as individual characters, Value that these do not compare to Puppies raised in a basic kennel who are brought in occasionally for photos.   


Value the updates and getting to know the Puppies before they leave. We do not sell cheap puppies, our price reflects time, expense and ongoing costs to meet these high standards and to ensure our Puppies are not sold on. To be a high standards licenced Breeder you have to have to be suitably qualified and meet a very high criteria.

The law has changed with Animal welfare and requires all breeders who sell puppies to have a licence and declare with HMRC.  


KC registered parents for peace of mind that your Pup is a genuine pedigree. I provide 5 generation Pedigree Certificate to prove pups ancestry and a paperwork trail of both parents in the contract so you know how many litter they have had in line with Animal welfare. To Keep costs low i do not always automatically register with KC unless I am keeping a Pup or pre arranged, it is not necessary for Dogs as Pets. My pups are not for showing or breeding, however, I can do this for an additional fee if required.  


I will only place my Pups in homes who know that a good start in a Puppies life is everything and they too hold high standards of welfare and care. My Puppies are not perfect and I am still learning and adapting, What I promise is I will do my upmost to raise these Pups to the best of my ability.


I hope my message is clearly and positively received and realising that a Pup is not just for a season, but part of the family and a lifelong commitment.  You are not buying a Puppy, you are choosing a family member who matches your home, energy and lifestyle, raised in the best way I know how too. Happy to talk to people who are seriously considering a Pup or wish to discuss this further.


Please do not apply for my Puppies unless you are ready and serious. My time is best placed in raising these delightful fun loving Pups.  

Please do not enquire/visit, unless you are seriously considering a Puppy. 


Pups come with: Waggy Tails ️Science based Socialisation plan ️Vet checked and first vaccine. ️(2nd vaccine at my practice for free)Microchipped in both breeders and owners name ️Proof of Hereditary Clear Health Tests ️5 Generation Pedigree ️certificate with low inbreeding percentage displayed. Change over food ️Scent, comfort blanket, knitted by my Mum ️Pups will have regular parasite prevention ️and will leave with up to date treatment Socialised in family home with Cats and little Dogs ️Extensive Socialisation plan followed ️Toilet Training Started ️Basic manners Taught and Accustom your Pup Reared with Love and Care ️Owners group to stay in touch on fb ️Parents Chosen for Pedigree, low inbreeding, type, Temperament and good looks. ️  Follow us on YouTube, videos posted here first: YouTube  Also on Instagram 


My Dogs and Pups are my first priority, I appreciate your patience and understanding. I will reply to applications and important messages where possible. Due to high message volume its not always possible to reply to everyone, but i will do my upmost to keep you informed with regular updates on social media and online.  


To Apply for Our Pups and availability, please view and complete this form: 


Please only apply when you are ready for a Puppy. WhatsApp +44 7465264030 I accept online viewings, prearranged phone calls only or visits. 


Best Wishes 

​Kelly Bluebell Springer Spaniels 

WhatsApp 07465264030





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