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Kelly Cruse - Bluebell Springer Spaniels

About Bluebell Springers

I got up my first family Springer Spaniel called Jessica Bluebell around 1996. She was a very dear family Dog, when she passed of old age I couldn't get a Springer for a very long time.

In 2015 I came across  Jodie. There was something about her and it felt right to start up Bluebell Springer Spaniels. 10 generations in the back of her pedigree was my original Springers lines, she was meant to be. I named my Springers Bluebell Springers after Jess.


My Kennel Club affix is Destrier, which means Latin for on the right side, also a medieval war horse. Destrier is also the name I used when I used to work with and breed a rare breed of Cat called the Snowshoe, who are now found worldwide, in books, magazines and on TV.

After getting diagnosed with chronic illness I retired from working with Cats and Mini Pets on focus solely on my Dogs and giving the Puppies the best upbringing, as well as supporting my two Sons who adore the Dogs as much as I do.

 I hold a 5 Star high welfare Standard Rating with the Council to keep my hobby legal and above board and I hold Qualifications in Canine Care, Welfare and Behaviour. I put my heart and Soul into my Dogs. They are my family and from my home to yours, I like to give the Pups the best start in life. 

Best Wishes


Bluebell Springer Spaniels

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